Virus Removal – $50

Remove pop ups from malicious software from your desktop and helps speed up your computer performance.

Data Recovery –  $75

Recover deleted files and lost data from your computer. Pictures, music, documents. **Price is for 150GB of data, additional $25 for each 100GB after.**

Hard Drive Cloning – $75

Want to upgrade your hard drive in your computer to a bigger or faster one and save all your programs and files? You will need to clone old hard drive to new one and everything will be saved to new drive without loosing any data.

Operating System Install – $75                                

Restore your computer if your computer powers on but won’t load to Desktop. Can also restore a computer to make it brand new again, will remove virus, all files, unwanted programs and speed up your computer to like new condition. All software supported, Windows, Mac, & Linux

Operating System Install w/ Data Backup – $100

Does everything the Operating System Install does and also saves all your important files. Then place your files back in the same location as before.

Virtual Machine Setup – $95

Setup a virtual Windows Operating System in your computer to run as a second computer for networking tests or for programming testing. You can also install a Windows OS on your Mac.